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Perfect Answering Service Solutions for Your Business


After-Hours Coverage

If you have an internal call center which operates during business hours or your peak hours, Anserfone’s teams can provide after hours coverage: extending your hours, allowing you to better serve callers by being available when calling is convenient for them, and generating more business and higher satisfaction.

Overflow Coverage

If you already have an internal call center, Anserfone’s teams can provide overflow coverage allowing you to better serve inbound calls by minimizing hold times and getting callers more quickly to a live agent. This is particularly useful for daily or seasonal peaks which would otherwise not be economical to staff.

Disaster Backup

If you already have an internal call center, Anserfone’s teams can provide disaster backup. Having your account pre-programmed insures your calls are promptly answered even during natural disasters or inclement weather.

American-based Call Centers are Used by Millions to:


Expand Call Coverage

Your advertising works 24 hours, so your call center should too. Off-site call centers are often open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A virtual answering service can be ideal for daily receptionist services, overflow calls, or phone calls received after hours.

Preserve Assets

Invest your money in your core business rather than spend thousands or even millions on telephone switches, computers, software, furniture, and space. There are never any costly equipment hook-ups needed or software to download. Simply forward your existing phone lines.

Refine Focus

Invest your time and working capital in your core business rather than software upgrades; equipment repairs; hiring operators, supervisors and managers; training operators, supervisors and managers; maintaining telephone lines; learning the call center business; etc.