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Here’s How Anserfone Provides Superior Services

State-of-the-Art Technology

Anserfone has two call centers in the southeastern United States. All traffic is brought in on high capacity, digital T-1 circuits to state-of-the-art digital telephone switches which are integrated with a local area network where orders are taken. Clients are assigned one or more numbers. Your toll free or local number is directed to the call center number. Each number is programmed with a script which we develop with you. In most cases, we program a database for you in our system, however, it is possible for us to access your systems and databases directly via the internet if your IT staff provide such access. When we maintain the database, it is usually initially created from a computer file that you provide for us with all of your item numbers, descriptions, prices and quantities. These files can be updated daily, weekly, or on a time frame appropriate to your project. If “locator service “or an ability to “populate customer information based on a customer number” are desired, you may provide databases of locations and customers.

Customization to Your Business

After execution of a service agreement and assignment of an inbound number for your call traffic, Anserfone will seek to understand your organization and project as completely as possible. We request copies of literature about your organization and the current project and where possible, samples of products. We usually work from a train-the-trainer perspective where you train our supervisory staff on your organization and project and they train individual telephone operators, however, there are instances where we welcome direct product demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions between you and our operators in a series of staff meetings. We intentionally keep our teams small. We want them to know you and your products well. We don’t want a thousand agents to each handle 1 or 2 calls for you per week; we want the same twenty agents to each handle 50-100 calls for you every week.

Quality Checks and Balances

Once we begin to handle live calls, we have several layers of quality control. The first layer is a supervisor or team leader that is in direct proximity to the agents taking your calls. They can hear interactions as they are taking place and make adjustments as necessary as calls are taken. We also have a live monitoring capability which is randomly used to gauge how individual calls are being handled. Third, most calls are recorded for quality control. Recordings are accessed if there is a question about a particular order, for agent coaching purposes, and for agent reviews.

Quick Delivery of your Data

After calls are taken, they are typically transmitted back to you via the internet. Most clients have us transmit their calls in email batches. All data since the last processing is gathered and sent in a computer file daily, bi-daily, hourly, or as you specify. The file is usually an ASCII file formatted specifically for the program into which you will import it. Clients are importing or have imported data into Mail Order Manager®, MPower®, FedEx and UPS Express Shipping programs, Access®, Excel®, main frame applications, etc. Some very small applications have orders transmitted via fax or emailed in text format for printing out order forms.